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Yamaha Secondary Spring

Dalton springs are well known for durability and are manufactured from high quality materials and processes. .

As always, we try to produce a range of components for snowmobile clutch tuners.

The Red (DPSS-YMR) secondary spring has been hugely popular with some of the Yamaha tuners on Apex and Viper models, in both normally aspirated and boosted versions, and has been a part of numerous clutch kit and group packages for shops that tune these models in various forms. There are a couple of new options.

The Pink/White (DPSS-YPW) is a variant of the Red that has less initial compression than the Red YMR spring, but still more compression and less torsion than the factory Yamaha pink spring.

The Black/Orange (DPSS-YBO) is a spring that was based on the characteristics requested by owners and tuners of the Sidewinder turbo model. Spring 2017 initial tests on the prototype springs showed that when installed it ran similar RPM to the stock secondary spring, but that the more initial side pressure showed some desired characteristics of quicker RPM and better belt grip on initial take off.

All of the following Dalton spring options will shift fully with no coil binding in a stock secondary.

A secondary clutch spring is only one tuning component and is always relevant to the rest of the whole set up which includes the different helix options, primary components, track type, HP level, gearing, etc.

Thorough testing will always get you the most performance for your own application, but we know that is not always easy for everyone. It is best if comparing notes with others to ensure that you have as much info as possible to compare.

Most who are familiar with our company know that we do not make “kits” or clutch tuning recommendations for snowmobiles. We supply individual tuning components to those companies that do, and for those who really do it themselves.

Price: $33.00 CAD

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