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QAY : Billet Quick Adjust Cam Arms for Yamaha

New Billet Quick Adjust Cam Arms
Suggested list price $269.00

We now offer our Patented Quick adjust weights for Yamaha applications. This method of adjustment allows for adding or subtracting mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the flyweight from the clutch. Makes for Quick and easy testing and tuning. This series of Quick Adjust uses our "DPYR" series curvature that has been very popular on the four stroke models.

With Yamaha models it is important to know that the necessary "grams" needed for an application can vary widely because of the variety of flyweights and curvatures on the market. Example : The QAY -62 is often used at 64-68grams on normally aspirated Apex applications(based on chosen springs and helixes,etc)

Available base weights:

QAY - 51 51 - 58.4g
QAY - 54 54 - 61.4g
QAY - 58 58 - 65.4g
QAY - 62 62 - 69.4g
QAY - 66 66 - 73.4g
QAY - 70 70 - 77.4g

Boosted applications:

DTYA-1 73.6 - 81g (common for low boost , high altitude longtracks)
DTYA-2 79 - 86.4g ( most common for most boosted applications)
DTYA-3 84.6 - 92g (a new heavier base weight for higher boost applications)
Price: $279.00 CAD

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