Ski-Doo P-Drive primary springs

The 2017 Skidoo 850 models come with the P-Drive primary clutch.
We have the following options available for this primary clutch:
The following springs are load tested as a  “ Assembly with guides* @79.4mm, and  @45mm“
As an example, BRP list one of the 850 stock primary springs (417224168) as 150/350** in this method and list it as BL/PL (Blue/Purple).
Dalton White/Tan/White (DPDS- W/T/W)   150 lbs 305 lbs.
Dalton White/Red/White  (DPDS- W/R/W) 167 lbs 360 lbs.
Dalton White/Yellow/White (DPDS- W/Y/W) 210 lbs
340 lbs.

 *These springs are not closed on the ends like other springs, so they get load tested in assembled form with caps. BRP list them as “Assembly with guides” when giving load test data.

** When we load test the factory Skidoo part number 417224168 we get 157/355 (for comparison).
Price: $32.00 CAD

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