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DPSS : Dalton Secondary Clutch Springs for Ski-Doo

RER Secondary- designed for increased backshifting, more flexible tuning on RER models, the initial load (2.9”) falls between the black (03 stock REV) and purple (02 stock MX) RER secondary springs.


  Load@2.9” Load@1.6” Load@61mm Load@35.2mm

Dalton Red (RER)
165 lb. 300 lb. 210 lb. 305 lb.
Dalton Red/Yellow
178 lb. 280 lb. 218 lb. 305 lb.
Dalton Red/White
180 lb. 315 lb. 245 lb .

340 lb.

Dalton Yellow/Orange
    225 lb 330 lb
Dalton Yellow/Grey
    192 lb 335 lb

Many of the newer Skidoo 4 stroke models use a torsion style secondary spring. We have some options for those who do clutch tuning.

The updated OEM spring (2014 short track, OEM# 417 127 344*) we received was, like this one, a variable diameter. We tested that spring at our load test height to be 42/66. These new springs are made from a slightly heavier wire diameter, and from high quality chrome silicon HT  wire ( high tensile strength alloy) and built to our specs.

Black with Yellow/Green is a similar design to stock but with .200” wire.

Black with Yellow/Red is slightly heavier than the older "beige" OEM spring.This spring uses .207” wire.

You should be aware that because they are torsion springs, that there is more to consider than just compression loads. These springs also have the tangs in the factory location.


Black with Yellow/Red
80 lb. 125 lb.
Black with Yellow/Green   
54 lbs 80 lbs

* Be sure, if comparing springs, to always compare at the same load test heights or the comparison would be irrelevant.

Price: $33.00 CAD

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