DPAP-UH DaltonPro Ultimate Heavy Pins for Skidoo TRA Drive clutch

Heat Treated alloy tool steel outerhousing. CNC machined for exact fit. This high strength material and process provides a hard, smooth surface.  A better surface finish can result in longer life for roller bushings when using big grams. Weight adjustable 14.5-25g*.. Because of the dense alloys inside, the length is kept to allow full clicker adjustability. . Many adjustable pins above 21 g must remain in #4 or higher for clearance of the governor cup. DaltonPro ultimate heavy pins can be used in any clicker position allowing much more flexibility when clutch tuning. Full year warranty. Quite possibly the only set of pins you’ll ever need.



SHD-27 (Click to view)
Optional SHD insert for up to 27 g available. Pure tungsten insert, set of three .

HD-22/24 (Click to view)
Also now available is an additional set of 6 tungsten alloy inserts to give you more fine tuning increments of exactly 22 and 24 g.

DPAP-OH (Click to view)
  outer housings only, set of three.

Price: $139.00 CAD

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