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2016 Arctic Procross, direct replacement

The 2016+ Arctic Models have new Team/Arctic clutches for both primary and secondary.

Some Arctic Cat snowmobile clutch tuners are familiar with the Team style helix designs from other brands and the aftermarket clutches, however, some are not. It is important to realize what the helix numbers designate. We offer both "compound" and "progressive" style.

Note: There are various TEAM clutches, these TA model helixes are only for the Arctic Cat 2016 type, not Team Tied, Polaris Team versions or other.

Example: Arctic stock helix number 66-49.20 This is a Team/Arctic COMPOUND style. The helix is a 66-49, and the 20 does not designate any angle. The .20 (add a zero) designates .200" duration used in the first part of the helix ramp. It is important to realize that this 2 angle helix is mostly a straight 49 helix. The second number is dominant. The first part of the helix is a 66/49 blend, and is only used for a short duration.

If you are not familiar with these types of compound designs, be careful when choosing. If you compare these numbers to previous year/model helix versions, other brands, or progressives, it could be very misleading. For instance, adding a couple degrees to what is a very short first part of the helix may have less effect than you think, because it is such a short part of the ramp. Also, adding "duration" to that first part may have more effect than you expect. The last number in the part number designates duration of the first part of the ramp.

We also offer full PROGRESSIVE type cuts. These are a curved ramp and do not have straight angles, but rather progress from one angle to another. There is more in the "progressive" section with a list of available progressive angles.

Some people prefer to tune their clutching with compound or progressive and know the differences, but before we could offer any progressive type helixes, it was important that we first duplicate the OEM Arctic Cat helixes available. This includes the factory stock compound ramp geometry, as well as the stock straight angles available. When you order a Team/Arctic helix, or a Dalton helix, it needs to be the same comparison. We have duplicated the factory compound ramp curves and straight angles to ensure accuracy going forward.

It is also very important when ordering to use exact part numbers. It is easy to make mistakes and forget important information. Once helixes are cut, they are cut. There are a few key things in our part numbers.

TA indicates this 2016 Team/Arctic models
.20, .36, etc after the angles designate "compound" design.
P is used after the angles if it is a progressive type cut
The helix must always be designated ER (engine reverse notch) if it is to be used on a 2 stroke.

TA 66-49.20
TA (Team/Arctic 2016), 66-49 (compound helix because there is .20), and the .20 (duration used in first part of ramp). This would also be a 4 stroke helix because there is not "ER" (engine reverse) at the end of the part number.

TA 66-49.20 ER
Same as above but this is a 2 stroke helix, that has the designated "ER" (engine reverse notch) for the two stroke engines that turn backwards.

TA 46/40P
TA (Team Arctic 2016), 46/40P (progressive), 4 stroke helix (because there is no designated engine reverse)

TA 46/40P ER
Same as above, progressive, but this is a 2 stroke helix because it has ER designation

Available Angles:

See Dalton Industries website for available angles here


Price: $145.00 CAD

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