E-C/CR Arctic Cat Helix E-Series

SITE SPECIAL - INVENTORY BLOW OUT - $95.00!! The new enclosed, one piece models are similar to what comes on newer ACT Drive Arctic models. One piece design.

Previously all of our "C" model helixes have been the early tubular type,that you use with our DHC-100 cover or the 05 factory adjustable cap when using them on 06 and up ACT sleds. Some tuners still prefer the cheaper tubular type for tuning, as they can have one cap kit and use it on multiple tubular helix models, use them with torsion springs, etc. You can use either type on any ACT sled, but you need an end cap on the tubular type for newer models.

We now offer the one piece enclosed versions as well. These are a complete bolt on like the stock one and no end cap is necessary.

*ALL of our previous helix cuts for "C" type helixes are available in the enclosed type. You must specify "E-" before the part number when ordering.

Please note: If the angle that you are looking for is NOT listed a $25.00 program fee will be required with a minimum of 10 business days

Part number examples: E- = enclosed, one piece

* Check appropriate angle charts above for availability.

E- C 44/34

(factory step cut)

E- CR 44/38 (electronic reverse)
E- C 44/36 P (progressive)
E- CR 44/36P (rev. notch and progressive)
Price: $95.00 CAD

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