SNO [APT] Arctic Cat Optional helix type for 2012+ Arctic Procross / Proclimb

Optional helix type for 2012+ Arctic Procross / Proclimb

APT Helix (tubular type)

This is a two piece* construction made to bolt into the 2012 + Procross applications. Some clutch tuners like having lots of tuning options. For those that tune with multiple helixes, this may be a more cost effective option. The user can purchase one cover and can use it with multiple APT helixes. Once a DHC-200 cover is bolted on, this assembly is the same as a one piece helix and you use the same factory plastic spring washers as a stock or AP model helix. Solid billet construction and the quality you expect from Dalton.

Available angles: Please note: If the angle is NOT listed, a $25.00 program fee will be required.


APT 38
APT 40
APT 40/36
APT 42/34
APT 42/36
APT 42/38
APT 42/40
APT 44
APT 44/36
APT 44/38
APT 44/40
APT 44/42
APT 45/37
APT 46
APT 46/36
APT 46/38
APT 46/40
APT 46/42
APT 47/43
APT 48/36
APT 48/38
APT 48/40
APT 48/42
APT 48/43
APT 49/43
APT 50/38
APT 50/40
APT 50/42
APT 50/44
APT 52/38
APT 52/40
APT 52/42
APT 52/44
APT 52/46
APT 54/38
APT 54/44
APT 54/46
APT 56/38



Helixes of this type are designated "APT" before the angle for the part number.

Example: APT 48/42, or APT 48/42 P (progressive)

Please be sure to refer to proper part numbers and prefix, etc when ordering.

*A cover is required for use of this helix (part# DHC-200).

Price: $103.00 CAD
  • ($65.00 CAD)