SNO [AP] Arctic Cat Helix 2012 + Arctic Cat Procross / Proclimb

Dalton Industries has a new construction method for this model. No porosity and extremely strong aluminum alloy. The final machined part has maximum strength and durability to handle big horsepower.

Look for the Dalton "D" logo so you know it is 100% North American made!

Arctic helixes for this model will be designated by "AP" prefix before the angle. Please note: If the angle is NOT listed, a $25.00 program fee will be required.

Available AP Compound Angles

These are cut similar to the factory helix, multi angles are blended and have less duration of the first angle, the second portion is more dominant and is a straight angle. (Always use complete part number when ordering)

Reverse Angle

(shallow angle as first part of shift pattern is non-typical )

AP Progressive

This is full progressive cut. There is no straight portion, a full progressive curve starts at one angle and finishes at the other. (always use complete part number when ordering)

AP 38
AP 40
AP 40/36
AP 40/38
AP 42/34
AP 42/36
AP 42/38
AP 42/40
AP 44
AP 44/36
AP 44/38
AP 44/40
AP 44/42
AP 45/37
AP 46
AP 46/36
AP 46/38
AP 46/40
AP 46/42
AP 46/44
AP 47/43
AP 48/36

AP 48/38
AP 48/40
AP 48/42
AP 48/43
AP 49/43
AP 50/38
AP 50/40
AP 50/42
AP 50/44
AP 50/46
AP 52/38
AP 52/40
AP 52/42
AP 52/44
AP 52/46
AP 54/38
AP 54/40
AP 54/44
AP 54/46
AP 56/38

AP 36/44
AP 36/46
AP 38/44
AP 38/46
AP 38/50
AP 40/44
AP 42/48

AP 42/36 P
AP 44/36 P
AP 44/40 P
AP 46/36 P
AP 46/38 P
AP 46/40 P
AP 46/42 P
AP 47/37 P
AP 47/38 P
AP 47/39 P
AP 47/40 P
AP 48/36 P
AP 48/37 P
AP 48/38 P
AP 48/39 P
AP 48/40 P
AP 48/42 P
AP 48/44 P
AP 49/44 P
AP 50/36 P
AP 50/38 P
AP 50/40 P
AP 50/42 P
AP 50/44 P
AP 50/46 P
AP 52/38 P
AP 52/40 P
AP 52/42 P
AP 54/40 P
AP 54/42 P
AP 54/44 P
AP 58/40 P
AP 58/44 P

Custom angles not listed here can usually be done within 7 working days and will require a programing fee. For more info contact us.

Please make sure to use all letters of required part number.  Do NOT place an order for angles not listed here without first contacting us, as program charges will apply.

FAQ: " With respect to helixes, which type of angle cut is better, compound or progressive?"

Answer: It is not that one or the other is "better", it is simply a different style of cut that is described above.....for more info see FAQ

Price: $140.00 CAD

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