DBM1000X-17 - 2017/2018 Maverick XMR version (only) - Oversized tires 29" & larger

Part# DBM1000X-17

The 2017 / 2018 Maverick XMR mud version has different clutches on it than previous Maverick models. The primary and secodnary clutches are similar to clutches on the XDS turbo Maverick.

This clutch kit is designed for 29" & larger tires on a 2017 version Maverick XMR with these clutches. It can be used with some of the 28" extreme mud competition tires like Outlaws, etc for mud competition. Responds better to soft terrain and load situations giving improved belt perfromance and back shifting in tough terrain.

This kit is NOT for use with 27-28" trail and mixed use tires.

** We are aware that some have converted older and standard Maverick versions to this different primary and/or QRS secondary clutch system. You may currently have a standard Maverick or older version and you already have a new '17 XMR/QRS style secondary clutch package (BRP kit# 715003045) QRS driven pulley and shroud kit. If you have this clutch package and you are running the above listed 29" & larger tires you could also use this package and follow the instructions.

Price: $459.00 CAD

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