CanAm Maverick 1000 2013

2013, 2014 Maverick 1000 Part# DBM100 Stock or oversized tires, adjustable kit

The Maverick is a new level of performance in sport side x side vehicles. There are many new items on this vehicle. The engine is a more powerful version with higher HP from different engine configuration, and it makes more power in a different way. A new drive clutch uses different flyweights than previous models, and has some different features. This one clutch kit can be set up for different situations. Adjustable flyweights and a instruction manual with a full set up guide for different tire sizes, elevations, etc. is included.

On the Maverick 1000, order optional Black/Violet (part# DPSS-B/V) secondary spring when using:

  • 28" Extreme Mud tires (Outlaws, Silverbacks), or any 28" tire at high elevations (over 4000').
  • with any tire 29.5"and larger
Price: $269.00 CAD

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  • DBM1000