We specialize in drive line components for off highway powersports : ATV, snowmobile,and motorcycle.

Drivepower Inc. is a Canadian powersports supply source that can do fast shipping worldwide, supplying :

  • Dalton Industries CVT components
  • Barnett clutches
  • Wiseco clutch baskets and components
  • V-force Reed Valves
  • KOSO instruments
  • Aaen Products, and more.
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DPPS: Ski-Doo Primary Springs

DPPS: Ski-Doo Primary Springs

Ski-Doo TRA Primary Springs

Part #
@ 2.9”
@ 1.6”

Dalton Purple DPPS-PL 195 lb. 295 lb.
Dalton White DPPS-W 235 lb. 360 lb.
Dalton Grey DPPS-GY 205 lb. 328 lb.
Dalton Red/Green DPPS-RG 225 lb. 385 lb.
Dalton Violet/White DPPS-V/W 180 lb. 355 lb.
Dalton Violet/Black DPPS-V/B 157 lb. 340 lb.
Dalton White/Blue DPPS-W/BL 162 lb. 415 lb.
Dalton Yellow/Silver DPPS-Y/S 200 lb. 355 lb.
Dalton Tan/White DPPS-TN/W 135 lb. 385 lb.
Dalton Red/Blue DPPS-R/BL 167 lb. 398 lb.

Ski-Doo E-drive 2 Primary Springs (new primary clutch 4 stroke)

Part #

Dalton White/Black DPPS-W/B 117 lb. 210 lb.
Dalton White/Yellow    DPPS-W/Y 127 lb. 225 lb.